Our Mission

Better the world-If you improved the world from the time that you entered into it until the time that you exited, then you can be proud. This is really what we are trying to achieve.

We promote;

Social Entrepreneurship- Employee ownership in the companies they work for

Long Term Stable Corporations- Take the hype, speculation and the circus atmosphere out of corporations. Create job stability, lifetime learning for employees, and companies that gain the admiration and the respect of their clients. This takes ethics, integrity and honor.

Technology that complements and works for humanity- have you seen that movie Matrix? If technology destroys human closeness and each of us end up in our own virtual worlds than there is no reality anymore. We promote technology that does not rob us of one precious thing that we each are limited to, and that is Time.

Local Globalism or Glocal- Promote a society that is tolerant and different. WE don't all need to wear sheep's clothing to fit in, we promote local traditions, ethnic minority rights, culture and foods so that we will never be bored when exploring for new things that may wait for us over the next horizon.

Using resources wisely- Oil, timber, green energy etc. Consumerism is only evil if #1 the manufacturer does not use environmental friendly measures to produce the product and #2 if after the lifecycle of the product the consumer just chucks it in the invisible space called the "garbage". Products can be recycled, trees can be replanted. We promote the smart environmentally conscious consumer in all of us.

Innovation-Never stop learning, always be curious, keep pace with the present, dream big, just do it and do it and do it, until the job gets done.

Silicon Ro Foundation Board Members
• Andrew S. Molnar- President and founder
• Ana Georgescu-Secretary
• Alex Molnar-Director

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